One Chapter Ends – Another Begins

When I started Dragonfly Reflections in 2007, it was at least partly about having a place to park my name when I commented on other blogs.  Over time, it became so much more than that – a place to share my experiences, my dreams, my mistakes… all in all, it became the place where I parked my heart.

A LOT has changed since those early days… back in 2007, I was a yoga nut – practicing daily, working on a teaching certification, planning the rest of my life with yoga at its center.  I was fully ensconced in corporate America – still somewhat career-minded, with retirement as a distant dream.  I was also a fairly new empty nester – feeling my way through the world as an individual vs. somebody’s mom.

Today, I’m working to approach my life from a more balanced perspective.  I’ve rounded out my original single-minded yoga focus with art, walking, good food and stress-reduction practices.  I’ve left corporate America behind and am working to excavate the skills and experience I gathered throughout my 30-year career and adapt them to a new path.  And, I’ve come to terms with the empty nest – have come to love it, in fact, as an opportunity to sink into myself and grow in ways I never imagined when I was busy raising my daughter.

Blogs and bloggers are a diverse lot – I see many people who’ve kept the same blog for years on end and I see others who change to new blogs with some regularity.  Some people, like me, have blogs that represent their lives in general; while others pick a particular topic and focus on that alone – maybe even maintaining multiple blogs to represent their ranging interests.  One thing I know is that I am not someone who can maintain multiple blogs.  For one thing, I tend to be a woman of few words (any of you who know me will probably chuckle a little at that understatement) and I worry about having enough content for multiple blogs.  For another thing, I don’t believe I could successfully divide myself between multiple blogs.  I don’t fault anyone who does, but it feels a little like child rearing to me – I’m not sure I would have been good at spreading my affections across multiple children and I’m not sure I could spread my attention across multiple blogs either.

Soooooo, after much pondering and waffling, I’ve decided to close the chapter on Dragonfly Reflections and open a new blog,, and you’ll notice I’ve even taken the HUGE (for me) step of registering a domain!!

Dragonfly came from a place of deep transformation at a time when I was working hard to juggle the me I wanted to be with the me I had to be to fit the world I lived in at the time.  Because dragonflies are such transformational creatures, it seemed especially fitting to hang my virtual placard from their tails.  Today, I find myself less in a state of transformation and more in a place of beginning anew.  While I’m sure new transformations await, I feel less like changing and more like settling in… to who I am and who I’m meant to be.   JanuaryDay will give me a chance to reorient and also to gather my eggs in the same basket; sort of a branding thing that I feel I need to do with the new etsy shop and other dreams I’m chasing down this twisty turny new path.

The Dragonfly archives will remain here, just in case anybody (besides me) is interested in where it came from and how it evolved, and JanuaryDay will start fresh.  It will still be largely a personal blog, as Dragonfly has been, but I’ll probably talk a little about what I’m making and selling too – although, I promise to balance the two topics and not bore you too much with the marketing hoo-ha.

I thank you so very much for your dedication to me and Dragonfly over the last five years – it has truly meant the world to me!  As the Dragonfly chapter of my life concludes, here’s to a bright future for One January Day – I hope you’ll join me.


Double Dog DONE!

“Done” might be a stretch, but I’ve taken the first baby steps and my Etsy shop is now open!!!!!!!  If you look over there on my right-hand sidebar, you’ll even see a nice little widget that includes a few of my items.  I have lots more to come over the next few days, but I’m really taking that “baby step” thing literally and trying not to be overwhelmed.  Who knew there was so much involved with starting an Etsy store?!!  From product photos, to alluring descriptions, to estimated shipping costs – I had no idea there would be so much to think about and get flummoxed by.  Thank goodness for a visit from my biggest fan today with some much needed “snap-out-of-it” encouragement or I think I might have ended up hiding in a corner of the closet with my blankie!

A little about my shop…  I’m still not entirely sure how to describe my “product line” but will say it involves color and scraps and time-worn layers.  I’ve named the shop One January Day as a tribute to this new path I’m starting down – both in terms of the new beginnings presented by these precious January days and in honor of the new steps I’m taking towards a more purposeful and heartfelt life and career path.  I want this January state of mind to guide me forward with an ever-present sense of adventure toward fresh ideas and a bold and brave approach in all I do.

More news to come, but wanted to be sure I shared these first steps with you – I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement!!

Techno Toys


I splurged on a new toy yesterday.  It wasn’t my fault really – I ran by Sam’s Club Tuesday for a couple of things and there they were!  A taller-than-me stack of Canon T2i camera bundles.  I walked away without one Tuesday, but it haunted me all night and, when I realized one of the […]

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Reverence and Awe

Winter06 083

I’ve mentioned Rob Brezny and Free Will Astrology a few times over the years, so bear with me as I go there again.  I just adore this man – his horoscopes always make me laugh, while hitting home on just what I need to hear.  Whether it’s the weekly freebies or the annual predictions for […]

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The Double Dog Dare!

daisy winter 2 200x200

Have you seen the Squam blog lately?  MUCH activity over yonder and MUCH to relish and roll around in, including the Double Dog Dare Elizabeth has issued to help us get off our collective keisters and get going on those “oughta/wannas” that are lurking here in the first few days of a brand new year. […]

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I just spent two of the HAPPIEST days playing in paint and paper and gel medium with this most amazing of teachers… so full of knowledge (which she shares most freely) and so very down to earth about who she is and what she has to offer.  I was a little star struck for about […]

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Just Begin


I’ve thought alot over the last couple of months about how I’ll craft my days.  Should I get up early and exercise, do yoga, eat a healthy breakfast, blog, create, meditate?  Or should I sleep in and let the day unfold?  I’ve considered writing out a schedule and carefully planning each day – scheduling chores […]

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That’s All Folks


My last official act as an AT&T employee was to post the above Out of Office message and that, as they say, is all folks!

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Dream Messages


I woke this morning with the vivid memory of a dream. That happens pretty rarely these days, so I decided to take notice by writing it out here. I was standing before a mirror, surrounded by various items of clothing, trying things on to see what would fit and make me happy. I realized I […]

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Happy New Year!!!


I’ve noticed alot of 2011 year-in-review posts around the internet and considered putting one together to share with you today, but to be honest, I’m sort of inclined to just move past 2011 and forward into whatever comes next. The past year has been sort of a year of holding for me – holding onto […]

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