Reverence and Awe

I’ve mentioned Rob Brezny and Free Will Astrology a few times over the years, so bear with me as I go there again.  I just adore this man – his horoscopes always make me laugh, while hitting home on just what I need to hear.  Whether it’s the weekly freebies or the annual predictions for the year, he always pegs it; always leads me to just what I knew in my heart I should be looking for but hadn’t quite worked out in my head how to get there.

For 2012, one of Rob’s suggestions was to put myself in the path of profound beauty, sacred reverence and awe.  My first thought was, “where can I travel to find that?”  After further consideration, I’m wondering if I need to look closer to home – put myself in the path of beauty every day.  On top of that, it occurs to me that “beauty” doesn’t necessarily have to be something I see with my eyes.  It can certainly be that, but it can also be something I hear with my heart, something I taste with my soul, something I feel in my gut.
I realize this search for beauty is something I’ve always done – I crave connection with the planet and with other people, long for new sights and experiences, have always wandered in search of inspiration and that sense of humility we find in the presence of something sacred.  I’ve even established a personal barometer for knowing when I’ve found it – if I get goose bumps, I know something has connected with my spirit in a big way.  And when something takes me all the way to tears, I know I’ve hit gold.
Yesterday morning, I stumbled upon this video (by way of Christine Mason Miller) and realized it fit the definition that was floating around in my heart for sacred beauty – more than that even… I think it helped me articulate the definition for myself.  And it occurred to me that one of the best ways I can perpetuate the practice of following a path of beauty would be to share what I find with you.
So, I’ve added a new category over there on the right-hand sidebar called “reverence and awe” and will shoot for a weekly post in that vein.  If you want to join me, leave a comment with a link to your blog or facebook page so I can be sure to follow along. I’m convinced this practice will help draw beauty to me, help me recognize it when it jumps up and kisses me on the nose, and maybe it’s a practice that can grow.
Photos are ones I’ve taken over the years that, for me,  inspire that sense reverence and awe I’m talking about.


  1. So many examples of visions of reverance and awe for those of us who take the time to find them.
    Lovely…thanks for the deep, soothing breaths…
    Light and Love !

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